A researcher from Turkey visiting EKSTU

 11 September 2019

In the framework of the program for invited professors, on 9 September 2019, a foreign researcher and lecturer from Turkey, Tunc Medeni, PhD, is visiting EKSTU.

The goal of the visit is preparation of undergraduate students specializing in "Management" and master's students of such educational programs as "Economics of Innovations", "Engineering Entrepreneurship" and "Managing Digital Projects" by reading for them a full course of lectures in such disciplines as "Knowledge Management" and "Research Management" and holding research consultations for undergraduate and master's students.

Tunc Medeni is an associate professor at Y?ld?r?m Beyazit University (Ankara, Turkey) and is a renowned specialist in knowledge management. The lecture materials for students of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship will reveal professional issues related to knowledge management and change management.

In addition, as a part of the skills development of the EKSTU faculty, the professor plans to conduct a 36-hour seminar "Academic Research Publication and International Project Development".