A Spanish Professor Held Trainings in E-Commerce

 30 November 2019

Professor Alfonso Infante Moro from Spain visited EKSTU to hold trainings in e-commerce. Professor Moro has a PhD degree in Economics and works at the Department of Financial Economics, Accounting and Operations Management of the University of Huelva. Undergraduate and graduate students of the EKSTU School of Business and Entrepreneurship attended his trainings to learn more about corporate strategy development and preparation of analytical materials for management of business processes and evaluation of effectiveness. 

For EKSTU faculty, a training workshop in e-learning was organized covering such important competencies of an e-learning specialist as customer-orientation, results-orientation, critical thinking and teamwork. Professor Moro also held consultations on publication of research articles in peer-reviewed international journals with impact factor (Scopus, Thomson Reuters). Certificates were awarded at the end of the workshop.