A delegation from Arizona State University at EKSTU

 11 September 2019

From the United States, our university has been visited by Wadiah Atiya, PhD, a leading world-class manager in the area of higher and postgraduate education, and Hugh Hallman, a lawyer and partner at Berry Riddell.

As per tradition, the visitors were introduced to the laboratories of the university. Vice Rector for Research and Innovation Oleg Gavrilenko demonstrated main projects of the university, as for example, developing technology for superconducting wire for MRI and titanium products for medicine. The delegation was interested in partners conducting clinical tests for the university, the patent process and destinations for the products. The visitors also liked the 3D printing project and manufacturing of the details from titanium and niobium. 

The guests were also impressed by the "Great Altai" Museum where they got to know the culture and history of East Kazakhstan a little more. Hugh Hallman and Wadiah Atiya also heard about the culture of Tengrianism and Berel barrows, but at the EKSTU, they were introduced to the ancient metallurgy for the first time. 

"This is my first visit to Kazakhstan. Your country is developing rapidly and is ready to move forward. I am really impressed by the university and its potential. Arizona is a small state but our university plays an important role in it and we have many research projects. There are many medical schools and clinics at Arizona but few research projects in the field. That is why we like your projects in the area of medicine," said Wadiah Atiya.

Vice Rector for Internationalization Professor Abraham Ogwu introduced the guests to partners of the universities and told about collaboration projects. In turn, the delegation from Arizona State University invited EKSTU staff to visit. 

We hope that the East Kazakhstan State Technical University and Arizona State University will have a productive cooperation soon.