Destination: Shemonaikha

 27 February 2020

The D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University visited Shemonaikha with a concert program for prospective students "#HELLOEKSTU Talent Festival".

The luckiest schoolers are the ones who know for sure about what they can do and what they will do in the future. But what if high school graduates do not know what professional direction to choose?

On 26 February, a super team of the university professors and lecturers headed out to the Shemonaikha region to help prospective students to choose a future profession.

Educational programs and opportunities of our university were presented in a spectacular show. Career managers made presentations about unique educational programs, fields of preparation, employment prospects, and the opportunity to study in educational programs organized jointly with foreign universities, graduates of which get two diplomas. Student activists prepared exciting creative performances showing the diversity of student life. 

High school students of senior grades showed great interest in studying at the military sub-department. They were shown videos about the process of military training, drills and student training camps in military units.

The administration of the Education Department of the Shemonaikha Region expressed gratitude for the modern approaches in career guidance and the ability to interest the high schoolers.

The general partner of the event was Kazzinc LLP. We express gratitude to the enterprise for the help in the organization of the career guidance meeting.