East Kazakhstan journalists tried on the role of EKSTU geology students

 09 July 2019

Each summer, students of the D. Serikbayev EKSTU go to the "Prostor" expedition campus for summer internship. Students strengthen the knowledge received throughout the year at the picturesque bay of the Bukhtarma reservoir.

Journalists of the East Kazakhstan also had the chance to go back to their student memories and undergo the student internship. They were accompanied by the most experienced geologist - Vice Rector for Research and Innovation Oleg Gavrilenko. The route turned out to be interesting and eventful.

They studied the most ancient deposits of the East Kazakhstan not far from Ushanovo village. They are one billion years when the most simple forms of life started to appear on Earth.

On the way to the campus, they were introduced to the subduction zone. It was the zone where the oceanic crust shifted under continental. Hundreds of millions of years ago, there was a large ocean.

In the area of Severnoye village, the recruited geologists saw olistolite limestones used for making souvenir products with their own eyes.

The geological lunch break deserves a separate mention. Specialists of the military sub-department of the EKSTU set up a real camp and prepared military porridge. The guests could not imagine that it could be so tasty!

And of course, how could it be without mountains? Like true geologists, the journalists climbed the mountain in the "Prostor" campus area to study composition of stony ridges.

In Kazakhstan, there is no another similar research and practical base. In the recent years, "Prostor" has undergone grandiose construction and comfortable conditions for living were created. New cozy cabins and modern laboratories and buildings allow students to study and relax.

According to the Rector of the EKSTU Zhassulan Shaimardanov, the PR tour gave the opportunity to gather journalists of different mass media and expressed gratitude for the long years of productive cooperation.

According to the expedition results, the guests received certificates confirming the "Honorary journalist and geologist of the EKSTU" title.

- We saw an excellent ground for student internships. Starting from the new academic year, we begin to jointly cooperate with the EKSTU on the new educational program - «Social Media Marketing». If previously, there were only courses on SMM in Kazakhstan, now, there is a specialization of full value," one of the guests, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the "Shyghys Aqparat" shared his impression.

The journalists note that the changes in "Prostor" are colossal! To receive theoretical knowledge and strengthen it through practice is wonderful.