Educational loans

 07 August 2019

The introduction and development of an educational loan system is one of the ways for applicants to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge.

Educational loans are guaranteed by the JSC "Financial Center" of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The loans are issued directly by second-tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Advantages for borrowers: 

  1. A loan is issued to the applicant / student, i.e. the responsibility for paying tuition is transferred from parents to the applicant / student. 
  2. All levels of education: colleges, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral programs. 
  3. All forms of training: full-time, part-time, full-time, evening, distance, etc. 
  4. The interest rate is much lower than the market rate. 
  5. Long loan term. 
  6. Deferral to repay the loan amount while the student is studying, plus 6 months after graduation. 
  7. No collateral. 
  8. The amount of loan is limited only to the cost of training. 
  9. The loan is transferred to the account of the educational institution every semester / year as necessary. 
  10. A loan is issued by partner banks; can be applied in all major cities of Kazakhstan.

The borrower needs to submit the following documents: 

  1. Identity card. 
  2. Address reference. 
  3. Certificate UNT (notarized copy) for applicants or transcript for the last session. 
  4. An agreement to receive educational services or an invoice for payment indicating the cost for the period of study. 
  5. Notarized consent of parents (official guardians) to receive a loan, if the borrower is under 18 years of age, as well as other documents upon the Bank's requests.

Today, such second-tier banks as ForteBank, Nurbank, Tengri Bank are actively participating in the system of guaranteeing student loans.

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