EKSTU delegation on business trip in the US

 24 September 2019

In an era of uncertain development paths, the success of each university depends on the strategy and tactics that it chooses. And there are two paths - one of them is an independent development of own tactics and another one is using cases of successful universities as an example. We have now launched the upgrade of all of our educational programs. The main principle is for each educational program to have a partner university overseas with leading positions in a certain area. We now want to learn from the principles and experience of American universities in building their educational programs.

We already have an experience of partnering with European universites and with such Russian universities as the National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI", National University of Science and Technology "MISiS" and N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Adopting the experience of American higher educational instutions, which is considered one of the best in the world, is crucial. That is why, we have chosen the Colorado School of Mines, Western Michigan University and Western Colorado University, whose fields of specialization are similar to ours. The dream of every university is to work with Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The world leading MIT agreed to a meeting with us. We met with Professor Elizabeth A. Wood, Ekaterina Zabrovski, Managing Director of MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives, Jennifer Camacho, Manager of External Relations, Umberto Fugiglando, Research Manager and Partnerships Lead and Professor Sang-Gook Kim from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The discussion was productive and three areas of collaboration were determined.

The first one is the organization of internships for MIT undergraduate and postgraduate students at the enterprises and geological fields of the East Kazakhstan region and also at the basis of the university. Secondly, it is the organization of internships for MIT undergraduate students for tutoring startup projects at our university. And finally, four areas for a joint application for funding from the American Councils were identified. The application deadline is 15 October, and we hope that we will gather necessary materials in time. During our business trip, we are planning to visit the office of the American Councils in DC and discuss these projects.