EKSTU delegation visited Western Michigan University

 25 September 2019

Our university has long-standing ties with Western Michigan University (WMU). Our researchers - M.A. Mizernaya and O.D. Gavrilenko - have been working on a joint research project by the American Councils in partnership with researchers from this university.

The EKSTU delegation came with the purpose to discuss new projects and expand cooperation.

WMU is a state university in Kalamazoo established in 1903. The university is in the top five percent of the most well-known and prestigious educational institutions on the planet.

The first thing that everyone noticed was the similarity of the logos of the universities. The American colleagues noted that it was symbolic.

There were many official persons present and meetings held and the quality of discussed questions including mechanisms for counting credits and funding sources showed that our colleagues very interested in cooperation.

We met with the Provost for Academic Affairs Jenniffer Bott, Provost for Research Dr. Kinsey-Walwood, representatives of the Haenicke Institute for Global Education Dr. M.K. Mohanan, Mrs. Sunming Chow, Mrs. Annette Cummins, Mrs. Anastasia Kaml, Mrs. Alice Molvern, Dr. Lee Penyak, Lee Ryder, Dr. Christine Bird-Johnson, Dean of the Higher School, Dr. Mohamed Sultan, Dr. Stephen Kachmarek and Dr. Jay Sagin.

The meeting included discussion of the question of academic cooperation with the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Nick Witschi and Director for Academic Affairs Dr. Kevin Knutson.

The delegation visited the Department of Mining and Environmental Sciences and a sample preparation laboratory and geological museum.

Comparisons were made between the mining museums of the universities, and it was concluded that the EKSTU museum was somewhat better. 

The delegation also visited the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education (MGRRE).

With Steve Carr from the Department of Computer Sciences, discussions were held on possible joint IT projects.

As a result, we agreed to begin the joint development of an educational program in Geology and Mineral Exploration and Geographic Information Systems for forecasting and preventing floods with the transition to double diplomas. The colleagues are also interested in developing joint programs in economics and IT in the future.

We agreed on a joint scientific research "Geoinformation Systems of Emergency".

The logical conclusion of the meeting was the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the EKSTU and WMU.