EKSTU's "Atomic" Trip

 15 July 2019

Undergraduate and Master's students of the EKSTU participated in the International Summer Conference School for undergraduate and graduate students and young specialists on the basis of the Institute of Atomic Energy (NRNU MEPhI) in Obninsk from 1 to 5 July of the 2019.

The D. Serikbayev EKSTU offers the opportunity to discover new horizons and study in various cities and countries.

Fifteen students gained knowledge by attending the "Materials for Nuclear Energy" and "Innovative Methods for Obtaining Uranium Production" educational programs at the Obnink Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering for a week. 

The Summer School was the place where the internship "Radiation control and radiation monitoring" was held. 

Participants started the internship from the first day. In situations when contact with a source of radiation was necessary or unavoidable, radiation protection suits would help to exclude and protect against harmful effects on the body. On a practical lesson, docent of the IATE Oksana Aleksandrovna showed how to use correctly the means of protection from ionizing radiation.

For five days, students studied such topics as "Radiation control and radiation monitoring: today's challenges", "Types of ionizing radiation and features of their interaction with matter", "The basics of protection against ionizing radiation", "Sources and detectors of ionizing radiation", "Major radiation accidents and business activities in radioactively contaminated territories", "Prediction of dose burden on the population in conditions of radioactive contamination", "Radiation risk", "Determination of radon content in indoor air", "Radiation monitoring of facilities and territories", "Basics of environmental radiation monitoring", and "Radioactive waste management".

The visit to the First nuclear power plant in the world was the main event.

- And even then the safety precautions were kept in mind. The students were impressed that wide walls 3 meters thick divided the operator's room from the reactor and corridors with a system of labyrinths helped to quench ion radiation.

At the end of the training, all the received knowledge was consolidated by a group practical lesson - business game. The final goal was to monitor the radiation situation in the contaminated area.

The hosts of the Summer School from the Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering met our students very warmly and ensured the most favorable conditions, starting from the meeting at the airport and ending with the guided tour on the day of departure. Besides the productive educational-practical work, our students could become familiar with fellow students from other countries in a creative and sports environment - a volleyball tournament was held with help of the teams from Kazakhstan and Zambia, and as a conclusion to the Summer School, there was a concert, in addition to certificates and prizes, a real decoration and the final point, participated by our students as well! This was truly an unforgettable and useful trip for students.

The International Summer Conference School was organized with help of our colleagues:

From IATE:

1. Faculty:

  • Alla Udalova, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Department of Nuclear Physics and Technology;
  • Tatyana Melnikova, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Physics and Technology;
  • Oksana Alexandrova, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Physics and Technology;
  • Olga Momot, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Physics and Technology;
  • Boris Synsynys, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Department of Nuclear Physics and Technology;
  • Boris Zhuravlev, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Department of Nuclear Physics and Technology.

Volunteer students:

  • Mikhail Podlutsky, group "ЭКЛ-М18";
  • Anastasia Oleynik, group "ЭКЛ-М18".

2. Division for international education and cooperation:

  • Olga Us, Head of the Department;
  • Svetlana Dolgova, Specialist of Academic Affairs of the 1st category;
  • Yana Melekhova, Specialist of Academic Affairs;
  • Alina Seregina, Specialist of Academic Affairs.


  • Andrey Bobylo, Deputy Head of the Education Export Department.

Division for recruiting foreign students of the Administration for Education Export:

  • Oksana Blazhilina, Head of the Department;
  • Victoria Manyakina, Specialist.