Hello University!

 27 August 2019

The EKSTU launched a program for adaptation of first-year students to the educational environment. From 26 to 29 August, Deans and Schools of the university are conducting a set of activities for introducing students to all subtleties and features of the educational and research processes. First and foremost, the lads were introduced to the administration of the dean's offices and schools and got an idea about their new place of study. According to the plan of activities, first year students have several days to get answers to such questions as: "What is semester?" "What is academic plan and calendar?" "What is session and how to pass it?" "What is academic mobility? Where is the "Г-3" building?" and many others. Here, first year students get acquainted with elective courses, choose disciplines and sign up for training.

Besides introductory meetings and gatherings with students, there will be excursions in buildings and laboratories of the universities. Organizational help with events organized by dean's offices is provided by active students, future mentors. The sixty first educational year of the university has already started. We wish our first year students successful adaptation and good luck in mastering their future professions!