Online Scientific Council at EKSTU: How to Work in the Post-Pandemic World?

 29 April 2020

EKSTU held another interactive Scientific Council. The D. Serikbayev EKSTU Rector Zhassulan Shaimardanov opened the meeting with the question that concerns many people - how to work after the quarantine is over? According to the head of the university, it is necessary to consider new approaches in the organization of education.

The First Vice Rector Saule Rakhmetullina, Vice Rector for Academic and Methodological Affairs Zhadyra Konurbayeva and Vice Rector for Research and Innovation Oleg Gavrilenko gave presentations on the theme called "Transformation of the University Activities in the Post-Pandemic World".

The reporters consider that a special attention needs to be given to the advanced faculty capacity building in the field of computer technologies and creation of online resources such as e-books, soft cases, trainings and video.

In addition, the Scientific Council considered a number of current and urgent questions in different fields of the university activity. Under discussion were international and national ranking indicators of the university, implementation of mid-term and final student evaluations using distance learning technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, recommendations for publication of textbooks, etc.

The online meeting was participated by the majority of the members of the Scientific Council.