Japanese manufacturers highly appreciated the EKSTU innovative direction

 22 February 2019

Representatives of Furukawa Electric Co Ltd and Shoko Co Ltd visited the university as a part of implementation of a joint scientific and technical project with partners.

The visit began with a welcome dialogue of the parties in a round table format, after which the rector of EKSTU Zhassulan Shaimardanov invited the guests on a tour of the university - a research complex, on the basis of which it is planned to create a laboratory for testing over superconductive wires for MRI. After visiting the university scientific facilities, the guests noted high orientation of the university on implementation of innovative projects.

- We are ready to cooperate, and for the first meeting we discussed a sufficient number of issues to lay the foundation for the further implementation of the project, - said the Rector. - We are ready to strengthen laboratory equipment, and implement the quality standards adopted in your company. If necessary, we will send our staff for an internship in Japan to improve the level of their training.

Following the meeting, an agreement on further cooperation was reached.

In general, EKSTU developed research projects on creating new types of products to be produced by leading industrial enterprises of East Kazakhstan region: “Development of a technology for manufacturing tantalum and niobium medical products”, aimed at developing a technology for production of medical implants from tantalum and niobium; “Development of atmospheric leaching technology for low-grade mineral and technogenic raw materials using the GIDROPOLIMET pilot plant” for processing low-quality mineral and technogenic raw materials, ensuring improved environmental friendliness of metallurgical production through the application of effective nanotechnology methods. There is a project “Modernization of pyrometallurgical processes of lead and zinc production at Kazzinc LLP, aimed at the environmental friendliness of the process. And, as well, “Production of titanium products for the oil and gas industry”, “Production of titanium products for further use in medicine”, “Development of a utilization technology for chlorine production wastes of UKTMP with obtaining new types of products”.

Thus, the implementation of many scientific projects of EKSTU allows introducing innovative technologies at not only the state and regional level, but also to confidently reach the international level.