Education Without Borders with EKSTU at Master's Level: Joint Educational Programs With and NSTU-NETI

 23 April 2020

Thanks to the joint efforts of the D. Serikbayev EKSTU and NSTU-NETI, an online webinar about three blocks of dual diploma master's educational programs in the following fields was held on 22 April 2020:

  • Industrial Management;
  • Power Supply Systems and Their Management, Electric Power Systems and Networks, Production of Heat and Electric Energy;
  • Technosphere Security.

The Director of the Center for International Programs Segeda Tamara Aleksandrovna was the moderator.

The main participants from our partner university NSTU-NETI were:

  • Nekrasov Vadim Vladimirovich, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for International Relations;
  • Borisova Alena Aleksandrovna, Doctor of Economics, Head of the Department of Management, Head of the "Industrial Management" joint educational program; 
  • Galimova Anna Nikolaevna, Scientific Secretary of the Department of Management, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Associate Professor; 
  • Victoria Vinichenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the "Lean Production" Project Management; 
  • Emelyanovich Anzhelika Alexandrovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor; 
  • Dolgov Aleksey Semenovich, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business for Career Guidance; 
  • Chernov Sergey Sergeevich, Dean of the Faculty of Energy; 
  • Beloglazov Alexey, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Energy; 
  • Larichkin Vladimir, Professor, Head of the Department of Engineering Ecology.

The key participants from the D. Serikbayev EKSTU were the following persons:

  • Konurbaeva Zhadyra Tusupkanovna, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Vice-Rector for Academic and Methodological Affairs; 
  • Madiyarova Elvira Sobetollaevna, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship; 
  • Akaev Aibek Muratbekovich, PhD, Dean of the School of Engineering; 
  • Amralinova Bakytzhan Bazarbekovna, Dean of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences; 
  • Rakhimberdinova Madina Umargalievna, Head of the EKSTU and NSTU Master's "Industrial Management" joint educational program; 
  • Segeda Tamara Aleksandrovna, Head of the EKSTU and NSTU Master's "Energy" joint educational program; 
  • Idrisheva Zhanat Kabylbekovna, Head of Life Safety and Protection of the Environment; 
  • Trofimenko Svetalana Alexandrovna, Head of Career Guidance; 
  • Erulanova Aizhan Erulanovna, PhD, Acting Head of the Postgraduate School; 
  • Dauylbaeva Assel Sovetbekkyzy, Secretary of the Selection Committee.

The webinar generated a very active feedback from interested graduate students in the form of numerous questions, which indicates a high interest regarding the dual diploma joint educational programs.