KAZ Minerals giving 15 grants to students of Higher IT College

 09 September 2019

On 9 September, EKSTU hosted a meeting with management of the Higher IT College, first year students of the college specializing in "Enrichment of Mineral Resources" and their parents, as well as a representative of KAZ Minerals Aktogay LLP Nazym Mukasheva.

During the meeting, there were discussions on such questions as providing support to students from the Aktogay village and from the Glubokovskoye, Borodulikhinskoye and Shemonaikhinskoye regions with further employment at branches of KAZ Minerals LLP. Also, Nazym Mukasheva told more about the grant for fifteen students specializing in "Enrichment of Mineral Resources". Students and parents learned more about the conditions of funding after which agreements on educational services were signed.