Meeting with Prof. Ogwu, Vice-Rector for Internationalization

 06 September 2019

Japanese delegation visited administration Office, EKSTU, and met Vice-Rector Ogwu. Firstly, Professor Bessho expressed gratitude for the cooperation in the organization of "Field Work Abroad". His previous career, which included research in mineral processing, geology, biomaterials, tissue engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, has been proven. Professor Ogwu showed interest in the educational programs of the Faculty of International Resource Sciences at Akita University.

In turn, Professor Bessho explained that they give lectures in English for undergraduates and graduate students. Because he is considering options for foreign universities in which students of EKSTU can study abroad. In addition, he is interested in joint research on recycling and environmental protection with Professor O. Gavrilenko and Professor N. Kulenova. He also expressed a desire to establish and maintain our strong partnership.