EKSTU undergraduate and master's students will intern in the "Radiation Control. Radiation Monitoring" Summer School

 01 July 2019

Partners from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI met undergraduate and master's students of the "Materials for Nuclear Energy" and "Innovative Methods for Obtaining Uranium Production" of the International Higher Technical School ITPS OK. The students will go to Obninsk to study and intern in the Summer School in the direction "Radiation Control. Radiation Monitoring".

Strong partnership in preparation of specialists for the nuclear industry unites colleagues from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and EKSTU. Participation of our undergraduate and master's students in summer school on the basis of the NRNU, Obninsk is a new chapter of our productive interaction. Ahead is the work on creating joint educational programs.

Dear undergraduate and master's students, good luck starting the intense Summer School at the NRNU!