The EKSTU held an international day “Global village”

 02 May 2019

For the first time, on 27 April 2019, the EKSTU held an international day, the main purpose of which was exchanging knowledge about the culture of the foreign students and faculty and representing the culture of Kazakhstan.

"Global village" was conducted in the framework of the academic week of the EKSTU «Edu Week EKSTU-2019». The event was attended by all students from other countries and those of the EKSTU who studied abroad as a part of the academic mobility program. Such countries as China, Poland, Japan, Germany, Russia, Mongolia, and others were represented on the international day.

While greeting participants of the international day, the Rector of the EKSTU said: “The modern world does not have boundaries and we can receive education in and accept students from different parts of the world”.

The event was held in the format “presentation-introduction”. Together with faculty members, students prepared short information about themselves and their country and prepared traditional dishes.

The widespread experience of universities in the world in holding international days gives students the opportunity to learn more about cultures of their contemporaries, while also forming a better understanding of their own place in the world.

Poster photo presentations, acquaintance with national cuisine, testimonials of foreign students and live communication made it possible to learn more about the cultures of our students’ countries and countries we cooperate with in our partnerships.

Press service EKSTU