Visit of a delegation from South Korea to the EKSTU

 24 August 2019

In the framework of the Kazakhstan-Korean Forum, the Korean consular mission arrived to the East Kazakhstan region.

For the guests, the East Kazakhstan State Technical University representatives conducted an excursion in the laboratories. Among the guests were the President of Songho University Changduk Jung and scientist Kim Myung-hwi.

The EKSTU employees told them about their projects and research. The visitors showed particular interest in medical implants and superconducting wires. They noted that our laboratory and technical base was large-scale, and the conducted scientific work was impressive. Different equipment was assembled in a single center, so they were also interested in the passage system.

In turn, the delegation proposed an improved program for the "Smart University" Project, and is ready to cooperate with the EKSTU. For example, students automatically receive notification when there is a window between classes, so they can choose an activity to their liking.

The meeting was held in a very friendly atmosphere.