Training Areas in Higher Education – Bachelor’s Studies
Information Communication Technologies Engineering
Information Systems Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology
Computer Science and Computer Software Technological Machinery and Equipment (by industry)
Computer science with specialization in virtual and augmented reality Mechanical Engineering
Mathematical and Computer Modeling Automation and Management
  Instrument Engineering
  Robotic Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  Medical Engineering (Medical Equipment)
  Thermal Power
  Electric Power
Manufacturing and Processing Industries Physical Sciences
Advanced engineering materials with specialization in rare and non-ferrous metals Technical Physics
Innovative Methods for Obtaining Uranium Products Materials for Nuclear Power
Enrichment of Mineral Resources  
Geology with specialization in mineral exploration  
Remote and Digital Methods in Earth Sciences  
Architecture and Construction Art
Architecture Design
BIM Technologies in Design  
Production of Construction Materials, Products, and Structures  
Transport Construction  
Geodesy and Cartography  
Land Management  
Telecommunication Transport Services
Radio Engineering, Electronics, and Telecommunication Organization of Transport, Traffic, and Transport Operation
Forestry Water Resources and Water Management
Forest Resources and Forestry Water Resources and Water Management
Land Management Business and Management
Precision Agriculture Economics of E-Commerce
  IT Management
  Accounting, Analysis, and Audit
  Financial Management of Knowledge-Intensive Enterprises
  Innovative Marketing Technologies
Hygiene and Occupational Safety
Life Safety and Environmental Protection