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Akayev Aibek Muratbekovich
Akayev Aibek Muratbekovich Sub-department: Faculty of Energy
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Faculty Dean
Contacts E-Mail aybek.akaev.vko_81@mail.ru Work phone Cell phone +7 705 154 03 06

1998 - 2003, S. Toraigyrov Pavlodar State University (PSU), electrical engineer, specialization 210140 "Power plants", qualification: Specialist

2003 - 2005, master's degree at the S. Toraigyrov PSU, specialization 552150 "Power", qualification: Master’s degree

2004 – 2007, postgraduate study at S. Toraigyrov PSU

2013 – 2016, S. Toraigyrov PSU, specialization 6D071800 «Power Industry», qualification PhD

Thesis "Building the protection of a synchronous compensator from coil closures"

Work Experience

14 years. 2003 – 2004, assistant of the department "Power plants and automation of electric power systems" at S. Toraigyrov PSU

2004 – 2011, Senior Lecturer, Department of Power Engineering, S. Toraigyrov PSU

2011 – 2012, Associate Professor of the "Power" Department at S. Toraigyrov PSU

2012 – 2013, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Energy for General Issues at S. Toraigyrov PSU

2013 – 2016, PhD study at S. Toraigyrov PSU

2016-2017, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Energy for Educational Work and Associate Professor (Associate Professor) of the Department of Electric Power at S. Toraigyrov PSU

04.09.2017 - 01.08.2018, Head of the Department of Energy at D. Serikbayev EKSTU

Starting from 02.08.2018 Dean of the Faculty of Energy EKSTU at D. Serikbayev EKSTU

International Experience

Internship under the Bolashak International Program in Switzerland, research internship at the National Research University Moscow Energy Institute, Russian Federation

Competitive Advantages

Further training "Organization of the educational process on the credit system of education"; "School of a young teacher"; “The use of distance technologies in the educational process”, “The curriculum of the International Society of Engineering Pedagogy” at the Kazakhstan Center of the Society of Engineering Pedagogy for the preparation of international teachers of engineering universities (IGIP Kazakhstan National Monitoring Committee).

A certificate that is equivalent to a diploma of higher professional education, qualification “certified specialist” of the Russian Federation issued by the Federal State Institution “Center for International Educational Activities (Inter-education)”, Moscow.

Internship under the Bolashak program at the Montreux Business School, specializing in Economics and National Economy Management (Organization and Management of Enterprises, Complexes, Innovation Management), Switzerland, Montreux, 2013

More than 80 scientific and methodological works

  1. Akayev A.M. and other Russian-Kazakh explanatory dictionary with specialization in electric power, 2010
  2. Akaev A.M., Lenkov Y.A. Educational-methodical manual "Reference materials on switches and disconnectors of high-voltage AC circuits", 2013
  3. Novozhilov A.N., Akayev A.M., Novozhilov T.N. Innovative patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Method of protecting a synchronous AC motor from coil circuits”, 2014
  4. Novozhilov A.N., Akayev A.M., Novozhilov T.N. A method of protecting a synchronous AC compensator from coil circuits. Thesis. IX All-Russian Scientific Conference of Young Scientists “Science. Technologies. Innovations” (NTI-2015), Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, 2015
  5. Novozhilov AN, Aaev AM, Novozhilov TN The use of one measuring transducer in the protection against wind closures in synchronous generators. «XVI Satpayev Readings», 2016
  6. Novozhilov A.N., Goryunov V.N. Novozhilov T.N., Akayev A.M. Simulation of currents in the windings of a synchronous compensator with a turn circuit in the stator winding. Magazine "Electrical Engineering", Moscow, RF, No. 4, 2016
  7. A.Novozhilov, T.Novozhilov, А.Akayev. СURRENTS IN THE SYNCHRONOUS CONDENSER WINDINGS AT TURN-TO-TURN FAULT IN THE ROTOR WINDING. International Conference on Industrial Engineering. Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation, 2016y.
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The Republic of Kazakhstan



State institution "Department of Energy and Housing and Communal Services of the East Kazakhstan Region"

Evaluation of the economic efficiency of the use of renewable energy in industry and utilities



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The Republic of Kazakhstan


University of the Republic of Kazakhstan

D. Serikbayev EKSTU

Strategic Planning in Universities



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Fundamentals of programming and maintenance of SIMATIC S controllers



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LLP "Normal Work"

Improving energy efficiency in industrial and municipal enterprises