Internship program on the principle of "East Kazakhstan Energy Region and the peaceful use of atomic energy"

№1 Week:

  • Familiarization with university laboratories
  • Visit to the Museum of Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC
  • Visit to “Ust-Kamenogorsk hydroelectric station” LLP
  • Visit to the Corporate Training Center of “Ust-Kamenogorsk thermal power station”
  • LLP
  • Visit to the training ground of "East Kazakhstan regional energy company" JSC


№2 and №3 Week:

  • Kurchatov town, "Peaceful use of nuclear technology, environmental aspects of nuclear technology"- Nuclear Technology Park
    • National Nuclear Center
    • The Semipalatinsk Test Site


№4 and №5 Week:

  • training expedition campus "Prostor": Renewable Energy Polygon
  • Bukhtarma hydroelectric station
  • Turgusun hydroelectric station


№6 Week:

  • Shulbinsk hydroelectric station
  • Semipalatinsk "Radiological Medicine center"?


№7 Week:

  • Ridder town, cascade of Ridder dams, small rivers
  • Tainty, Kokpekty: potential of wind energy of East Kazakhstan area


№8 Week:

  • Preparing of report
  • Presentation of an internship report.