EKSTU hosted the Forum of Rural Women

 12 July 2019

East Kazakhstan rural women shared their formula of success.

A series of meetings with successful women from rural regions started in Kazakhstan.
The D. Serikbayev EKSTU became a base for hosting round tables, trainings and dialogue platforms.

The plenary session was opened by Asem Nusupova, Deputy Akim of the Region. On behalf of the head of the region, she presented certificates of merit and monetary awards of one hundred thousand tenge to mothers with many children.

- 3300 agricultural enterprises and 790 small and medium size enterprises are headed by women. It is unique for a woman to be an akim of a region. "The purpose of the forum is to not only discuss certain topics but also identify potential and attract all the available state program resources for support of people living in rural areas", commented the Deputy Akim of the East Kazakhstan Region.

In fact, the East Kazakhstan has many interesting projects realized by women. For example, Tatiana Smola has launched a tea business and Aelita Akhmetsalimqyzy heads the "Aika" Peasant Farming, and there are many other women who do not afraid and achieve success in their business. Besides, these are all women from rural regions who do what they love.