To future with us!

Modern technologies elevate the prestige of engineering.

We train not just professionals but also successful entrepreneurs focused on independent business development and new jobs creation.

These are of particular importance in conditions of economic upheaval.

The strategy of D.Serikbayev EKSTU is straightforwardly directed to being an innovative and entrepreneurial university.

We cultivate optimal conditions to study, to conduct innovative scientific research, and to develop as a person in our university.

Professor Zhassulan Shaimardanov
Doctor of Biological Sciences
Acting chairman of the board-rector 

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Academic Units

What you need to know when entering a university

  1. Entrant

    Dear entrants,

    You will have to take first  important decision in your life – to choose a profession. Specialties of our university are in demand on labor market. We will be glad if you choose our university and hope you will not be disappointed! We invite you to the world of creativity, world of thought, world of knowledge!  

    Ten reasons of study in D. Serikbaev EKSTU:

    - First innovative “University-Technopark” in Kazakhstan and NIS.
    - The university of best teachers with international accreditation.
    - Up-to-date training-laboratory basis.
    - Developed innovative infrastructure – student technological business – Incubator «БАСТАУ», Technopark “Altay”, Zone of High-Tech.
    - Best e-university in the country, distant learning.
    - Military training with obtaining a commission, extra training on foreign languages in the sphere of professional communication.
    - Agency of world educational-scientific centers  IGIP, IFEES, ИИТО, and others.
    - Joint educational programs of training specialists with leading universities of the world.
    - Developed school of students’ self-government.
    - High demand and complete job placement of the graduates.

    For further questions, please contact the International Office:
    phone: +7 7232 26 25 33

    Online Admission of International Students to the D. Serikbayev EKSTU

  2. Registration of Foreign Citizens

    The goal of the internationalization strategy is to achieve international recognition through implementing innovative educational programmes and applied research in the interests of industries and society at large.

    Main tasks of the University in the field of internationalization and development of international cooperation are the following:

    – Realization of joint diploma programmes for academic exchange between students and faculty of the EKSTU and foreign university partners, members of the QS WUR, in the framework of educational programmes and projects in the following areas: postgraduate science scholarships, visits of professors, student exchange for one semester, contracted faculty exchange for one semester; international agreements for preparing doctoral students.
    – Attracting applicants and students from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mongolia, Russia, Central Asia, CIS countries.
    – Establishing effective procedures of interaction between the University and prospective international students, enrolled students, faculty, researchers, specialists and employers.

    Main Functions of the Department of Internationalization and International Cooperation:

    – determining priority areas for developing scientific contacts with specific countries, regions, universities, and educational and scientific centers and organizations, as a basis for cooperation in international projects;
    – obtaining membership in international associations and institutes and engaging in active collaboration with them;
    – communicating with diplomatic representatives of other countries;
    – participating in international programs and projects;
    – inviting and admitting foreign students, scientists, and teaching staff to the University, supporting coordination of their study or work during their stay in Kazakhstan;
    – supporting coordination of business trips abroad for the University employees;
    – organizing admission and stay of foreign delegations at the University, preparing visit programmes;
    – conducting negotiation and correspondence with foreign partners to promote, strengthen, and develop EKSTU’s international partnerships.

  3. Visa-Related Issues

    Who receives study visa and on what basis?

    Study visas are given to foreigners:

    – who travel to the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to enroll in secondary and higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, or to study – when there is a visa support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in accordance with written requests of educational institutions registered with the judicial authorities or the Ministry of Education and Science;     
    – to travel to the Republic of Kazakhstan for study training or internship – based on written requests of legal entities registered with the judicial authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, diplomatic representations, council establishments of foreign states, international organizations accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    – of the Kazakh ethnicity (when there are documents confirming their ethnic belonging) who are temporarily visiting the Republic of Kazakhstan and are enrolled in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan – based on written requests of educational institutions registered with the judicial authorities or the Ministry of Education and Science.

    Mptiplicity of study visa

    Study visas are received for one-time, two-time, three-time, and mptiple entry and exit.

    Duration of visa validity

    – One-time, two-time, three-time – up to 90 days.
    – Mptiple – up to 1 year.

    List of documents necessary for receiving or renewal of study visa:

    – Petition from the university
    – Application from the migration division of the Department of Internal Affairs from the East Kazakhstan oblast
    – Photo 3.5*4.5 – 2 pcs
    – Passport
    – Migration card, certificate about temporary registration
    – Notarized copy of the certificate of birth (or a document confirming ethnicity)
    – An order or an extract from the order about enrollment
    – Issuance for ethnic Kazakhs is FREE, and for other foreign students – 30 monthly calcpation indexes

    List of countries, citizens of which do not need study visa:

    – Russian Federation
    – Kyrgyz Republic
    – Republic of Armenia
    – Republic of Tajikistan
    – Republic of Uzbekistan
    – Republic of Belarus

    Handbook for International Students

  4. Academic Calendar

    For the 2018-2019 Academic Year (bachelor’s programme, full-time)

    Enrolling students to the university August 10-25
    Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan August 30
    Orientation week, presentation and registration of elective disciplines for students of the first year of study August 27-31
    Autumn semester
    Beginning of the autumn semester September 1
    Midterm control 1 October 22-27
    Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan December 1
    Midterm control 2 December 10-15
    End of the autumn semester December 15
    Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan December 16-17
    Winter examination session December 19 – January 5
    New Year January 1-2
    Christmas January 7
    Break January 8-19
    Theoretical studies 15 weeks
    Winter session 3 weeks
    Winter break 2 weeks
    Spring semester
    Beginning of spring semester January 21
    International Women’s Day March 8
    Nauryz March 21-23
    Midterm control 1 March 11-16
    Celebration of the National Unity in Kazakhstan May 1
    Defender of the Fatherland Day in Kazakhstan May 7
    Victory Day May 9
    Midterm control 2 April 29 – May 4
    Midterm control 2 (first year of the specialization 5B012000) May 6-11
    End of the spring semester May 4
    End of the spring semester (first year of the specialization 5B012000) May 11
    Presentation of elective courses for the 2019-20 academic year February 25 – March 9
    Registration for elective courses of the 2019-20 academic year March 11-20
    Spring examination session May 6-25
    Spring examination session (first year of the specialization 5B012000) May 13-26
    All types of practice, except for students of the last year May 27 – July 17
    Psychological and pedagogical practice (first year of the specialization) March 4-9
    Pedagogical practice (third year of the specialization 5B012000) March 4-30
    Pre-diploma practice (fourth, fifth year) January 21 – March 30
    Defense of reports for pre-diploma practice April 1-6
    Review lectures for students of the last year (preparation for state exams) April 8-13
    State exam in specialization April 15-27
    Implementation of diploma project (work) April 29 - May 18
    Reviewing diploma project (work) on plagiarism May 6-18
    Preparation of diploma project (work) for defense May 20 – June 1
    Defense of diploma project (work), additional state exams June 3-15
    Summer semester 1 June 3-29
    Summer semester 2 August 12-24
    Capital City Day July 6
    Training camp (military department) July 22 – August 24
    Break July 18 – August 31
    Theoretical studies 15 weeks
    Spring session 3 weeks
    Summer break 6 weeks
  5. Enrollment Conditions

    Entrants are offered the possibility to enroll to the D. Serikbayev EKSTU using their own resources (on paid basis), or in accordance with the state educational order (grants). Besides citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the right to receive grant is also offered to persons of the Kazakh ethnicity, who are not citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan (“oralmans”) and persons without citizenship who permanently reside in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    List of documents necessary to submit to the admission board of the university:

    – application of the established form;
    – education documents (certificate or diploma);
    – copy of identity card / passport or certificate of birth
    – medical certificate of the form “086-У”, Wassermann Reaction test respts, fluorography (original), copy of the vaccines card for those applying for fpl-time; 
    – certificate of the UNT or the Complex Testing;
    – photo 3x4 – 6 pcs;
    – folder, envelope

    The documents are accepted from Jpy 18 to 26. In the 2018-2019 academic year, applications are accepted in electronic format, according to the program developed by the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To submit documents for a grant, entrants complete registration on the site, receive an electronic ticket, and complete registration with a technical secretary.

    In the application, entrants indicate their specializations and universities to participate in the competition because they can choose four specializations if specialized subjects match.

    In the competition for educational grants, UNT scores in the history of Kazakhstan, mathematical literacy, reading proficiency in the language of study, and two specialized subjects, as well as CTA scores in history of Kazakhstan, mathematics, language of study, and one profile subjects are taken into account.

    To be considered for specializations that require creative preparation, scores in the history of Kazakhstan, reading literacy in the language of study, and respts of creative exams are considered.

    To participate in the competition, it is necessary to have test scores no less than 65 for national universities and no less than 50 for series of specializations in other universities.

    Competition for specializations which have a certain quota for citizen from among rural youth takes place in the following way: 70 percent of grants are assigned during the process of general competition, and the remaining 30 percent are allocated for citizen from among rural youth.

    Admission boards of the universities enroll students from August 10 to 25.

  6. Living Conditions

    After acceptance to the university, out-of-town students are offered accommodation at fully equipped dormitories. For comfortable living of the students, the dormitories have study rooms, assembly halls, buffets, internet-rooms, shower rooms.

    To apply for accommodation at the dormitories, it is necessary to indicate that you are an out-of-town student, and when submitting documents to the university, you should fill out the application for a place in the dormitories.

    Moving in to a dormitory takes place after acceptance to the university.


We are proudly introducing undergradute, master programs taught in English as well as PhD programs.

The University aspiring to the future: tradition, innovation, success!

Mission statement
EKSTU offers high quality, innovative, and multi-level training for all students, and prepares them for careers as future engineers and entrepreneurs prepared to work in a global environment.

About university

08.02.2019, 15:36:32

Historical reference

The higher educational institution was founded according to the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of August 5, 1958 and Decree of the Council of Ministers of the KazSSR of August 30, 1958 "About the Establishing of Ust-Kamenogorsk Civil and Highway Engineering Institute" since September 01, 1958. The HEI was reorganized into East Kazakhstan Technical University according to the Government Degree of May 7, 1996. Upon the motion of the university it got the name of Daulet Mirkassimovich Serikbayev, the first Rector of Ust-Kamenogorsk Civil and Highway Engineering Institute, according to the RK Government Decree of November 03, 1997.

January 31, 2001 D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan Technical University was renamed Republican State Government Enterprise "D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University" (EKSTU) to the Decree of RK Government No.163.

In 2012 Republican State Government Enterprise "D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University" was reformed in Republican State Enterprise on the right of business "D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University".

Advanced Materials Research at EKSTU

The goal is to develop a technology for manufacturing superconducting wires for the production of magnetic resonance tomographs (MRI), which will allow the industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan to enter the international market for the production of high-tech equipment.
The goal is to produce titanium, tantalum and niobium implants. Tantalum-based alloys are widely used as materials for medicine due to the unique combination of properties: high strength, high corrosion resistance, better biocompatibility.
Purpose – to research and develop a method of processing low-grade and technogenic raw materials which ensures increased environmental performance of metallurgical production by applying effective nanotechnological methods.
Purpose – to increase environmental safety of lead and zinc production on the basis of implementing energy-saving technological processes reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Purpose – to develop a technology of titanium production (saddles for gate valves) for the oil and gas industry.

The representatives of EKTU met with a representative of Fire & Safety consultancy LTD



D. Serikbayev EKTU hosts an international seminar



VKTU hosted the Academic Council dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai



Duolingo English Test



Online Info Day



How to enter a Master’s and PhD programs?


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  • “I want to extend a warm invitation to D. Serikbayev EKSTU. As a visiting fellow, one of the things that continue to impress me is the dedication of the faculty.  They are committed to providing their students with a high level of Education to ensure that succeed. EKSTU prepares student using three languages, which are Kazakh, Russian and English. My English-onlycourses allow students to learn the material from a different perspective and broaden their understanding of the world. I feel very welcome here, and I encourage you to consider teaching at EKSTU!”

    Antony Hetrick
    • Antony Hetrick
    • visiting fellow
  • Every time people asked me: "Why here?" I answered "That's not that I have chosen Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan chose me". And, after two months which I spent there I can say it was worth it. It was not only experience of internship, which taught me how different some aspects of works can be, but at the same time, how interesting it is. First of all, it was at the first place experience of great people who were just wonderful and in addition who took care about every single aspect to make me feel comfortable, great places which were all around me and great moments – that made me appreciate every minute that I spent in Kazakhstan.

    Justyna  Janоsz
    • Justyna Janоsz
    • IAESTE intern, Poland
  • My specialization is “Life Safety and Environmental Protection”. I am a first year part-time student. The first things that impressed me about the university were its beauty, design, and architecture. It has become clear why the EKSTU is considered to be the most prestigious university not only in the East Kazakhstan but in the entire country. I chose this university because I know that I will get a decent education here. The university has a very strong faculty. I am sure that these people know what they are doing. The university is very modern, there is a large and educational museum, modern laboratories, a library – everything is at the highest level. I am sure that after my graduation from the EKSTU, I will have a stable well-paid employment and I will be a worthy member of the modern society.

    Sayfulloev Salokhiddin
    • Sayfulloev Salokhiddin
    • student from Uzbekistan
  • I was admitted to the D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University in 2018, to the faculty “Life Safety and Environmental Protection”. At the moment, I am a first year part-time student. I can confidently say that education is on the high-level, and faculty members are real professionals in their fields. I get a decent education which I will use in my professional activity. The EKSTU is a place of employment for understanding and respectable people, who will always support and if necessary, meet you halfway.

    Begmatov Sherali
    • Begmatov Sherali
    • student from Uzbekistan
  • I always like to come back to the EKSTU in Öskemen. I was particularly impressed by the high motivation and enthusiasm of the students for their studies as well as the great hospitality of the colleagues at the university and the chair.

    Martin Metzner
    • Martin Metzner
    • visiting fellow
  • I feel very comfortable at D. Serikbayev EKSTU. Everyone around me is very supportive! I am happy with the living conditions. But most of all, I value the kindness of everyone around me. I find it is the most welcoming country I have ever been to so far!

    Andrada Crăciun
    • Andrada Crăciun
    • IAESTE intern “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Romania