Education Without Borders with EKSTU: Joint Educational Programs with NRNU MEPhI "Mathematical Methods for Information Security", "Instrument Engineering and Nanoelectronics"

 17 April 2020

On 16 April 2020, an online seminar titled "Education Without Borders with EKSTU" was held in conjunction with the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI to introduce high school graduates to dual diploma educational programs, moderated by the Director of the Center for International Educational Programs Tamara Segeda.

This event provided an opportunity to learn in detail about the prospects of attending the “Mathematical Methods for Information Security” and “Instrument Engineering and Nanoelectronics” dual diploma educational programs.

The following persons were the special participants from our partner university NRNU MEPhI:

  • Leonova Tatyana Nikolaevna, Vice-Rector of NRNU MEPhI;
  • Boblo Andrei Mikhailovich, Deputy Head of the Department of Education Export, NRNU MEPhI;
  • Tsvetkov Igor Vladimirovich, Head of the Department for Supporting Educational Activities and Organization of Admission to the University, NRNU MEPhI;
  • Astapov Ivan Ivanovich, Deputy Director, BINP NRNU MEPhI;
  • Suchkov Aleksey Nikolaevich, curator of the joint educational program “Material Science”, INP&T;
  • Shibaev Konstantin Igorevich, Deputy Head of the Training Department, BINP NRNU MEPhI;
  • Alexander Bakerenkov, Deputy Head of the Training Department of the Institute of Nanotechnology in Electronics, Spintronics and Photonics (INTEL) NRNU MEPhI, curator of the "Instrument Engineering and Nanoelectronics" joint educational program;
  • Anna Vasilievna Epishkina, Acting Head of Department No. 42 “Cryptology and Cybersecurity” (IIKS) NRNU MEPhI;
  • Bulychev Ivan Gennadievich, Deputy Director, Institute of Intelligent Cybernetic Systems (IIKS) NRNU MEPhI;
  • Kogos Konstantin Grigoryevich - Deputy Head of the Educational Department of the Institute of Intelligent Cybernetic Systems (IIKS) NRNU MEPhI.

The D. Serikbayev EKSTU was represented by:

  • Konurbaeva Zhadyra Tusupkanovna, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Academic and Methodological Affairs;
  • Uazirkhanova Gulzhaz Keneskhankyzy, Doctor PhD, Dean of the School of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems;
  • Malgazdarov Yerzhan Amangazievich, Ph.D., associate professor, Head of the "Instrument Engineering and Nanoelectronics" joint educational program;
  • Mukhamedova Raushan Orazgalievna, head of the "Mathematical Methods for Information Security" joint educational program;
  • Trofimenko Svetalana Aleksandrovna, Head of the Career Guidance Department.

The representatives of both universities emphasized the particular relevance of the above programs in connection with the global spread of digitalization. In turn, this caused a keen interest among the participants.