President of Kazakhstan K.-J. Tokaev Called for Understanding Regarding the Extension of the State of Emergency in the Country

 27 April 2020

On 27 April 2020 President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev signed a decree on the extension of the state of emergency in the country until 11 May. After that, the state of emergency will be canceled if a new COVID-19 outbreak does not occur.

The Head of state stressed that this is a necessary measure for protecting the population from the coronavirus infection. First of all, the quarantine mode will allow us to limit all contacts and prevent a dangerous virus from spreading.

The President outlined the tasks for providing life support for the country's population, including assistance to those in need and who were left without income during the quarantine period, and for promptly resolving the problems of farmers, reducing and abolishing tax deductions, and so on.

In the field of education, distance learning will be continued in universities, colleges and schools.

Faculty and university students have a big task ahead - to complete the academic semester and examination session in new conditions.

The President urged the Kazakhstanis to treat these measures with understanding and to show a little more patience and self-discipline.