Rector of D. Serikbayev EKSTU

Zhassulan K. Shaimardanov

Doctor of biological sciences




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1993-1996 Doctorate in Institute of Zoology of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty), Kara Teniz Technic University, Turkey (Trabzon, Turkey)
  • Doctor of biological sciences (1997)
  • Professor (2004)
1981-1985 Postgraduate studentship in Institute of Zoology of Academy of Sciences of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (Almaty)
  • Candidate of biological sciences (high assessment committee USSR, 1985)
  • Assistant professor (high assessment committee USSR, 1991)
1972-1977 Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute


2014-2015 Director of the Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education and International Cooperation in the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2012-2014 Director of the Department on Control in Education of Pavlodar region of the Committee on Control in Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2011-2012 Director of the Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education in the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2007-2011 Rector of Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I.Altynsarin
2004-2007 Rector of Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute
1996-2007, 2012 Vice-Rector on Humanitarian and Pedagogical Education, on Science and International Cooperation, First Vice-Rector of Pavlodar State University named after S.Toraigyrov
1991-1996 Vice-Rector on distance learning, on education, on social and economic matters of Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute
1979-1991 Lecturer, assistant professor of Pavlodar pedagogical Institute
1977-1979 Military service in Soviet Army


2011 Medal «20 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
2011 Gratitude from the President of Kazakhstan
2005 Medal «Honor»
2005 Medal «10 years of organic law»
2005 Gratitude from the President of Kazakhstan
2001 Lapel badge «Honorary worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
Certificates of honor from Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Social networks


First Vice-Rector

Saule Zhadigerovna Rakhmetullina

S. Rakhmetullina, candidate of technical sciences, holder of the title "Best Teacher of 2014".

In 1991 she graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at the Novosibirsk State University, majoring in “Mechanics of Applied Mathematics”.

Since 2004 she studied at the postgraduate course of EKSTU, after graduating she worked at the Department of Information Systems as a senior lecturer, assistant professor, and served as deputy head of the department.

In 2012, she was appointed Head of the Chair of Mathematical and Computer Modeling, headed the Situation and Analytical Center, the Department of Strategy for Development and Monitoring.

Research interests: modeling of complex processes, development of information monitoring systems, she participated in 6 state budget and 3 contractual research projects, including two projects carried out jointly with the Institute of Computational Mathematics of Mathematical Geophysics of the SB RAS.

She actively participates in international projects aimed at improving the quality of higher education, coordinated the TEMPUS project "Quality of Engineering Education in Central Asia, member of the working group of the project" EQF-based professional ICT training for Russia and Kazakhstan and was upgarding qualification in Nazarbayev University "Professional Development Program for Higher Education leaders of Kazakhstan".

Since November 30, 2017, the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan appointed Co-rector for Academic Work

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Vice-rector for Research and Innovation

Oleg D. Gavrilenko

Oleg D. Gavrilenko was born in 1961.  He is the Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences. In January 2012 was elected as a vice-rector on science and international cooperation of D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University.

Oleg D. Gavrilenko graduated from Ivan Franko National University Of Lvov in 1984 year, speciality “Geochemistry”.

He has scientific and pedagogical and industrial experience of 28 years of work in scientific and research organizations and universities: K.I. Satpayev Altay Department of Institute of Geological Sciences, small scientific research company “Nedra”, D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University.

Since year 2006 Oleg D. Gavrilenko had worked as a Director of the Department of research and development and innovative activity of D. Serikbayev EKSTU.

Scientific activity of Oleg D. Gavrilenko related to researches on mineralogy, geochemistry, deeper processing of mineral raw materials, information technology in geology and mining. In these directions more than 60 scientific articles and educational and methodological editions were published by him. In 2006 he defended a Ph.D. thesis on a specialty 25.00.05 “Mineralogy, chrystallography” on the theme: “Typomorphysm of minerals and mineralogical charting while searching and evaluation of East Kazakhstan rare-metal objects”. He was a project founder of the creation of an engineering profile laboratory "IRGETAS" in D. Serikbayev East-Kazakhstan State Technical University, where at the present time research works are carried out in the following direction: “High technologies in the new material getting on the base of resource multiple use of mining-metallurgical industry”. On the initiative of Oleg D. Gavrilenko a student technology business-incubator “BASTAU” with network of development laboratories was established at the University.

phone1 Reception: 8 (7232) 260-540


Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Zh.T. Konurbayeva

Zh.T. Konurbayeva is the Candidate of Economic Sciences, holder of the title “Best Lecturer of 2017”.

In 1998, she graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan Technical University with the specialization “Economics and Transport Management”.

In 2000, she graduated from the D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University’s master’s program with the specialization “Economics and Transport Management”.

After graduating from the master’s program, she worked at the “Management, Marketing, and Audit”, “Innovative Management”, “Managing Innovations” Faculty as an assistant, lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor. In 2010, she defended her Candidate’s Thesis: “Managing competitiveness of the industries of the East Kazakhstan”, specialization 08.00.05 – “Economics and management of a national economy (by industry and sphere of activity).

In 2010, she was appointed as Head of “Innovative Management” Faculty.

In 2017, she was appointed as Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Areas of research interests: Diversification of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan, head of state budget projects of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2012-2014, 2018-2020), developer of 12 socio-economic projects in the East Kazakhstan in various industrial and agro-industrial sectors.

International internships: in 2014 - at Lublin University of Technology, "Project Management"; in 2016 – an international internship at universities of Hong-Kong, project: "Professional Development Program for Higher Education Leaders of Kazakhstan"; in 2018 – at Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russian Federation) and Pamukkale University (Denizli, Turkey).

In November, 2018, she was appointed as Acting Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Methodological Work.

From April 12, 2019, by an order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, she is appointed as Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Methodological Work.

phone1 Reception: 8 (7232) 54-04-95



Vice Rector of Internationalisation

Professor Abraham Atta Ogwu

Professor Abraham Atta Ogwu is a British Citizen appointed as Vice Rector (Vice-President in the U.S/Deputy Vice Chancellor in the U.K system) of internationalisation at the D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Republic of Kazakhstan in 2019. Professor Ogwu is a Fellow of the U.K. Institute of Physics (FinstP) and served on the fellowship election panel of the institute from 2007-2011. Professor Ogwu is also a Fellow of the U.K. institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (FIMMM). He initiated and coordinated the only metallurgy and materials science submission from Scotland in the U.K. Research assessment exercise in 2008 (RAE 2008), which was ranked 12 out of the 20 U.K. university submissions in the subject area. He was a visiting scientist in the department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada, hosted by Professor Tom Coyle in 1998 and a visiting Professor in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Aveiro in Portugal hosted by Professor Jose Gracio in 2003/2004.

Professor Ogwu previously worked as a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of the West of Scotland, Paisley campus, U.K (Former Paisley University) for 16 years from 2002-2018. He served on the governing council (court in Scotland) and the policy and resources committee of the University from 2005-2008. He was a nominated spokesperson representing the university court in funding negotiations with the Scottish Funding council (SFC) on the successful funding of a merger business plan that led to the creation of the University of the West of Scotland out of the former university of Paisley through a merger and acquisition process with the former Bell College, Scotland. The financial due diligence of the merger plan was conducted by Ernst and Young and the legal due diligence was done by Maclay, Murray and Spens, Glasgow, Scotland.

He went on leave of absence as Rector/Vice-Chancellor of a university of science and technology in Africa that was admitted into membership of the Association of Commonwealth Universities during his tenure from 2008-2010. He received and managed several major  international institutional funding support from organisations that included the Rockefeller foundation, USA and JAICA, Japan as head of institution overseas.

He also held academic appointments in the Mechanical engineering department in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown campus in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom (1998-2002) and was a principal investigator at the NIBEC/Nanotechnology centre during his tenure. He was a campus warden (Dean of students) in the same institution from 1999-2002.

He also worked as an EPSRC post-doctoral research associate at the School of Materials (former Materials Science Centre) of the University of Manchester, England, U.K from 1994 to 1998. He has supervised several successful PhD students and has been external examiner for PhD thesis in the United Kingdom , Australia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and around the World. Professor Ogwu’s former doctoral(PhD) students were winners of  national and international awards during their training with him, including the SET for Britain award (2005) to present their scientific research at the U.K. House of Commons in London U.K. and HEPTech award(2017) to participate in an all-expenses funded HEPTech European symposium on innovation and knowledge transfer at GSI Darmstadt, Germany, supported by the European Nuclear Agency (CERN), Geneva, Switzerland, through a Scottish Universities Physics Alliance(SUPA) scheme for Scottish applicants.

 He has also acted as external assessor for Professorial appointments in the U.K and overseas. Professor Ogwu has been principal /co-investigator on a range of funded research /consultancy projects that include projects with Thales Optronics of Glasgow, Scotland and Sub-one of California, USA /ITI Energy, Scotland for more than 20 years. He has authored/co-authored well over 100 refereed journal and scientific conference proceedings. He has been an invited keynote speaker/session chair/ Scientific and organising committee member at major scientific meetings and invited seminar speaker in South Korea, Japan, Poland, China, Czech Republic, Portugal, India, France, USA and United Kingdom.  Professor Ogwu earned a BSc(Hons) Engineering Physics from the University of Ife (now OAU), Nigeria in 1982. He earned an MSc in Metallic and Ceramic materials from Manchester University, England, U.K in 1986 and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Manchester University, England, U.K in 1994. He completed executive management education at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA in 2011. He attended the Universities UK (UUK) Management Development Course for University Administrators, held in New College, Oxford University, England, U.K in 2005 and the Higher Education Futures, a strategic approach to dynamic markets workshop in April 2006, which took place at Selwyn College and Law Faculty, Cambridge University, England, U.K, Organised by the Knowledge partnership, U.K. 

Guest Editorships

  • Professor Abraham Atta. Ogwu (Managing Guest Editor) with Dr Malika Ardhaoui (Guest Editor), special issue on selected refereed papers from papers presented at the Surfboat 2017 conference, Incheon, South Korea. The papers were published in the May 2019 issue of the journal, Applied Surface Science, published by Elsevier.
  • Invited guest editorial (A.A. Ogwu and T.J. Davies) by the former U.K. Institute of Materials (IOM, now IOM3), U. K in 1996 to prepare a summary of the presentations at the European Powder Metallurgy congress in 1996: Advances in Hard Materials Production Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, for the Journal of Powder Metallurgy. Published under News and Views, Powder Metallurgy, Vol. 39, No. 2 (1996), pp. 106-15.

Selected Publications

  • A.M. Oje, A.A. Ogwu, S. Ur Rahman Alex. I. Oje, Nathaniel Tsendzughul, Effect of temperature variation on the corrosion behaviour and semi-conducting properties of the passive film formed on chromium oxide coatings exposed to saline solution, Corrosion Science, 154 (2019) 28-35.
  • Alex. I. Oje, A.A. Ogwu, Mojtaba Mirzaeian A.M. Oje, Nathaniel Tsendzughul, Silver thin film electrodes for super capacitor applications, Applied Surface Science, 488(2019),142-150.
  • P. Munoz de Escalona, A. Walker, A. Ogwu, T.N. Baker, Comparison of empirical and predicted substrate temperature during surface melting of micro-alloyed steel using TIG technique and considering three gases, Applied Surface Science, 477 (2019)179-183
  • Alex. i. Oje, A.A. Ogwu et al, Electrochemical energy storage of silver and silver oxide thin films in an aqueous NaCl electrolyte, Journal of Electroanalytical chemistry, 829 (2018) 59-68.
  • A.M. Oje and A.A. Ogwu, Chromium oxide coatings with the potential for eliminating the risk of chromium ion release in orthopaedic implants, Royal Society Open science, 4 (2017), 170218
  • Mojtaba Mirzaeian, Abraham Ogwu, N. Tsendzughul et al, Surface characterisation of silver electrodes for super capacitor applications, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 519 (2017) 223-230,
  • T.I.T. Okpalugo and A.A. Ogwu (Invited book chapter), DLC thin films for implantable medical devices, Chapter 11, Thin Film Coatings for Biomaterials and Biomedical applications, Wood head publishing series in Biomaterials, Number 110, 2016, Elsevier (Wood head) publishing, ISBN: 978-1-78242-453-6. Editor: Hans J. Grasser).
  • A. Ogwu and T. Hellwig, Boron phosphide coatings for hazardous radioactive waste and geothermal power applications, International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 9 (2014) p8299-8319.
  • A.A. Ogwu and T.H. Darma, A reactive magnetron sputtering route for attaining a controlled core-rim phase partitioning in Cu2O/CuO thin films with resistive switching potential, Journal of Applied physics, Vol.113, issue 18, 183522 (2013), P 1-8,
  • A.A. Ogwu, T.I.T. Okpalugo and J.A.D. McLaughlin, The effect of PECVD plasma decomposition on the wettability and dielectric constant changes in silicon modified DLC films for potential MEMS and low stiction applications, AIP Advances, Issue 2, 032128 (2012), p1-8
  • A.A. Ogwu, T.I.T Okpalugo, N. Ali, P.D. Maguire J.A.D. McLaughlin, Endothelial cell compatibility of silicon modified hydrogenated amorphous carbon thin films, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part B: Applied Biomaterials 85B, 2008, p105-113.
  • T.I.T. Okpalugo, A.A. Ogwu, A.C. Okpalugo, R.W. McCullough and W. Ahmed, Human micro-vascular endothelial cells interaction with atomic-nitrogen doped Diamond-like carbon thin films, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part B: Applied Biomaterials 85B, 2008, p 188-195.
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  • Invited to contribute two chapters to a 2007 scientific monograph by Springer publishers, New York, USA, entitled ‘Surface Engineered Surgical Tools and Medical devices, ISBN: 978-0-387-270264, with a foreword by Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Laureate, one of which was, O. Ademosu, A.A. Ogwu, J. McLean and F. Placido. The effect of shape and surface modification on the corrosion of biomedical nitinol alloy wires exposed to saline solution. Invited chapter.
  • T.I. Okpalugo, N. Ali, A.A. Ogwu et al, Amorphous and Nano-composite Diamond-like carbon coatings for biomedical applications, Invited book chapter in the scientific monograph titled ‘Nano-composite films and coatings, Imperial College press, London, Sept 2007. Editors: Sam Zhang and Nasar Ali. ISBN: 978-1860947841.
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